Brooklyn Dental Crowns

People might be surprised to find that not all ceramic crowns are alike. Ceramic crowns are tough because they’re made out of a material that’s fired at a very high temperature. Crowns need to be tough because they must do the work of the teeth that they cover or replace.

Ceramic crowns can also be made of porcelain, which is fired at an even higher temperature than regular ceramic. They can be made of metal like gold or combinations of porcelain and metal. They can also be made out of resin, which is weaker than ceramic, metals and porcelain. Crowns that are fit over the front teeth tend to be made out of ceramic or porcelain to match the patient’s other teeth. They can also be given to patients who are allergic to metal.Now dentistry offers people zirconia crowns. It’s a fully ceramic crown that can be made five ways. It can be made out of zirconium that’s infiltrated with glass and toughened with alumina, it can be a partially stabilized type of zirconium, it can be yttrium zirconia, zirconium dioxide or a kind of zirconium silicate that resists shrinkage. These types of crowns are superior in their toughness, their comfortable fit, their durability and their opaqueness. However, because of the way they’re made they look natural and attractive. They can be made to match the patient’s real teeth exactly. They don’t have a metal alloy and are biocompatible. The zirconia crown also doesn’t require as much tooth preparation as other types of crowns.When people think of zirconia they might think of cubic zirconium that mimics diamonds, but this isn’t quite the same thing. Zirconia is a crystal and ideal for covering teeth that are stained or crooked.

Dr. Andrew Oliphant is now pleased to provide his patients with Brooklyn dental crowns, including those made of zirconia, at his Brooklyn offices. A graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry as will as the University of Miami, Dr. Oliphant has been in practice since the early 80s. A patient who’s interested in Brooklyn ceramic crowns, including zirconia crowns, should contact his office at (718) 282-4998.