Brooklyn Dental Fillings

A routine dental checkup often discovers hidden tooth decay. Even though it may be contained to one tooth, the decay requires proper treatment. In the past, tooth decay meant treatment with silver amalgam fillings. However, questions about health concerns and durability, as well as environmental contamination, led dentists to seek out alternative treatments and state-of-the-art techniques.

White fillings
White fillings, also referred to as non-mercury or composite resin fillings, eliminate many standing concerns. Amalgam fillings contain as much as 50 percent mercury, but white fillings are mercury free. Instead, they contain a mixture of powdered glass and plastic resin. After application, non-mercury white fillings solidify with use of a blue, or curing, light.

1. Aesthetic
Composite resin is available in many colors that, when applied, blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth. Color chips allow the dentist to determine the closest match for achieving a flawless finish. Since the fillings are tooth colored, they are significantly less noticeable than amalgam fillings.

2. Durable
Chemical bonding enhances the damaged tooth, ultimately leading to stronger restoration work and improved functionality. Durable composite material also protects against applied force and sharp contact. As a result, white fillings do not entail frequent repair or replacement.

3. Minimally invasive
White fillings, unlike silver amalgams, do not involve removal of healthy tooth matter. This minimal invasion eliminates unnecessary drilling. In addition, since the flexible resin conforms to the tooth surface, structural integrity of the tooth is maintained.

4. Versatile
Composite resin fillings are highly versatile and appropriate for both front and back tooth application. The material is also useful for veneers, chips or breakage to the tooth.

5. Safe
Since composite resin fillings do not contain mercury, they resolve concern for potential health and environmental toxicity. Non-mercury white fillings are also free of other metals; as a result, this prevents corrosion or discoloration of surrounding teeth.

The Brooklyn Dentist
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Non-mercury Brooklyn dental fillings are a safe alternative to traditional silver amalgams. Brooklyn residents look to a professional dentist like Dr. Oliphant for genuine care and concern when dental problems arise. Contact The Brooklyn Dentist office today to schedule an examination.