Bone Grafting and Ridge Preservation

Benefits of Bone Grafting and Ridge Preservation

A missing tooth is not something you should take lightly, and it is not something that should prevent you from living your life on your own terms. It can cause deterioration and recession in nearby bones, leaving your mouth at risk for further complications related to the original missing tooth. Fortunately, there is a periodontal solution to this problem: bone grafting and ridge preservation. Bone grafting is a procedure that is used to prepare gum sites for dental implantations intended to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Here are a couple of the many benefits of bone grafting and ridge preservation:
Bone Health and Preservation
In an area where a tooth has been lost, the underlying bone naturally shrinks and deteriorates over time. Additionally, the area around the tooth’s former location is susceptible to such shrinking and deterioration. This creates a domino effect, gradually making a larger and larger portion of your mouth vulnerable to shrinkage and corrosion until finally major surgery will be your only option to correct the damage that has been done. Do not wait until you are past the point of no return. Act now to maximize your chances of making your smile great again.
Improved Appearance
Bone grafting will help you overcome your fears of looking in the mirror, smiling and speaking to people, among others. It is perfectly natural to be self-conscious about missing teeth. This problem can be alleviated through bone grafting and ridge preservation, though, so you need not be relegated to this kind of embarrassment for the rest of your life. Indeed, there is no reason for you to live another day being ashamed of your lost tooth. However, it is up to you to take back the power and get it replaced.

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